Dan Matalon is a freelance graphic designer based in North-West London, who specialises in design for print and online marketing.



This Bar Mitzvah invitation was created especially for the Kelly family, to their specific requirements.

Aish UK Stationery and Newsletters

Personalised office stationery for Jewish Charity Aish UK, including business cards, compliment slips, pens, newsletters and promotional leaflets, etc.

Editorial Layout Design for FJL

Bespoke editorial design for the Forum for Jewish Leadership's 'Understanding British Jewry' speaker series, which featured the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, amongst others.

Theatre Publicity

Dan has done design work for theatre companies and productions in London, Hertfordshire and at Edinburgh Festival. Here is a selection of printed promotional material such as handbills and programmes from a number of theatrical productions.

Event Promotion - Posters and Flyers

A selection of printed event publicity material including posters and flyers from a variety of events, trips and educational programmes.

JRoots Publicity

Bespoke information and publicity sheets, and organisational rebrand for the Jewish charity, JRoots, who specialise in Inspiring Jewish Journeys. Plus, DVD design for Legacy Live, a division of JRoots, who produce Holocaust educational materials including books and films, and interviews with Survivors.

JFT Portfolio and Branding

The Jewish Futures Trust is the umbrella organisation that unites eight Jewish Charities based in North-West London. Dan is responsible for the branding, publicity and social media for all of the JFT charities. Above are pages from the JFT portfolio.

Jekyll & Hyde the Musical

Handbills, Posters and Programmes for Harrow Light O.C.'s production of 'Jekyll & Hyde the Musical' at the Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth in April 2015. These accompanied an online publicity campaign, for which Dan was also responsible.

The GIFT Summertime Grill

In the Summer of 2015, the charity GIFT ran a fundraising campaign called the GIFT Summertime Grill, where participants held barbecues across the country to raise money for those in need throughout the community. Participants received goody bags containing promotional aprons, matches, cocktail recipe cards and bottled drinks, all bearing the GIFT Summertime Grill branding. Dan was responsible for creating the logo and all promotional materials surrounding the 2015 GIFT Summertime Grill campaign.

GIFT Stationery and Publicity

GIFT is a Jewish charity whose mission is to create a world of giving and kindness (Chesed), and who are best known for their educational programme and their Kosher food bank, although their remit is far greater than that alone. Dan has been designing for GIFT since 2014, and this is a small selection of the work he has produced for the charity in that time, which includes all materials produced for their 2014 Gala Dinner.

Roll-Fold Pamphlets

Roll-fold pamphlets are one of the best ways to fit a lot of information into a very small space. Here are a collection of bespoke pamphlets for a range of promotional and educational trips, events, occasions and organisations.

FJL Publicity

This collection represents a small selection of the design work produced for the Forum for Jewish Leadership since 2014, including pamphlets, brochures, flyers, letterheads and newsletters for their many professional and educational programmes.

Chazon Coffee Mornings

Jewish charity Chazon began weekly educational coffee mornings with two prominent Rabbis in the community in 2015. For this series of classes, Dan was asked to produce business cards promoting the events, and to procure matching promotional pens to fit the charity's brand, for which Dan is the curator.

Event Schedules and Calendars

Two of the busiest educational and social event calendars in the Anglo-Jewish Community belong to the charities Chazak and Aish UK, who run programmes in schools, universities and the wider community on a daily basis. With so much going on every day in London and around the UK, plus regular trips and events both at home and abroad, these charities required very elaborate schedule and calendar designs.

Business Cards

An essential for any business venture, and handy pocket-size promotion for trips and events, business cards are a staple part of Dan's design portfolio. Here are a selection of Dan's business card designs for charitable organisations, businesses, events and trips.

Editorial Layout - Books, Brochures & Magazines

Amongst the most complicated work of any designer's remit is the production of unique brochure layouts, whether for magazines, educational series or major fundraising events such as Gala Dinners. In the case of some of these books and brochures, virtually every page of editorial content has been designed differently from the next, a labour of Dan's love and dedication to producing work of the highest standard.

Aish UK Gala Dinner

Aish UK is one of the largest Jewish charities in the country, with educational and social programmes for schools, university students and young professionals across the country. Dan was responsible for producing a bespoke brand, souvenir brochure and all the additional publicity and decorative materials for the Aish UK Gala Dinner in 2016.

Chazak Stationery

Personalised stationery for the Jewish Sephardi charity, Chazak, including Letterheads, Business Cards and Promotional Booklets